About us


I’m Gill Simpson, mother of two boys, married to Pete, living in Frome since 2006. YogaLearn is my business and my passion.

We moved to Frome when we were just a family of three, my eldest was a babe in arms and we knew nobody in town. Frome turned out to be wonderful!

I had dabbled in yoga for many years prior to children, but only realised how important it was in my life during my first pregnancy, bringing about a delicious sense of well-being and relaxation.

When my baby was two years old, in 2007, I trained to be a children’s yoga teacher with Tatty Bumpkin and I taught children’s yoga classes in Frome (it was a great way to meet new Mum’s!) as well as in local nurseries and after school clubs – I even taught a regular class at Center Parcs!

Helsinki calling!

In 2014 we moved the family to Helsinki in Finland where I enjoyed teaching yoga to the children in the European School there. I did some further training too, with It’s Yoga kids, which gave me the impetus to want to move away from the story telling style of teaching yoga towards teaching real yoga to kids, still fun of course, but with age appropriate adaptations. I tested my baby brain out by undergoing some distance learning with the Open University. Courses on Teaching in Primary years and Childhood Studies and Child Psychology educated me further about the importance of promoting children’s welfare in educational settings. I am passionate about inclusivity, and wish for my classes to be accessible to all children, regardless of background and disability.

Back in Frome!

In 2019 we moved back to Frome and I was working as a Teaching Assistant in First and Middle Schools. I realised how bad I still was at maths and how much I missed teaching yoga to children. I had also become more interested in the benefits of meditation, as well as mindful movement, and how this could be used by children to self-regulate their emotions. Further training followed (this time accredited by Yoga Alliance) – in 2021 with Class Yoga. Their vision about the benefits of yoga and meditation taught as part of the curriculum in schools, to raise whole school well-being, really resonated with me….as a teacher and a mother.

I am now so excited to bring all my years experience together with my YogaLearn classes. Yoga is a journey of course and I am still an active student, attending the inspirational Lisa Butler classes for many years and also daily online classes with Tiffany Cruickshank at Yoga Medicine. I love how yoga and meditation strengthen my body and my mind and I want to share this joyous feeling with my students.


I love seasonal good local food and can cook and bake quite successfully.
I know all the lyrics to every 80’s song, ever written!
I enjoy singing and dancing – kitchens or anywhere!
I love going camping in my camper van, the Black Pearl, with my family
Walking in the countryside and swimming in the sea are my favourite outdoor things to do
I can eat my own body weight in crisps, if allowed!
I was born on the Isle of Man, but managed to escape, with my tail*, many years ago!
*some cats in the Isle of Man do not have tails!