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Let me help you incorporate well-being into the teaching day. Classes can be tailored to suit different age groups, energy levels, and emotional requirement. Help children feel great and focus better in the classroom, using mindful movement and breathing. Energising classes to wake them up and increase attention during those afternoon classroom slumps! Relaxing classes to help pupils manage any anxiety, so they can learn more effectively.

During my employment over the past few years as a Teaching Assistant in First and Middle schools in Frome I was lucky enough, on a few occasions, to be able to teach yoga to the children during the school day. Even the most sceptical child responded to the classes positively and enjoyed joining in. I feel passionately about yoga and mindful meditation as a regular feature of the school day, and with YogaLearn I hope to work alongside schools to achieve this.

How to make it happen

If you have the space then classes in the hall or gym (even outside in Summertime!) are of course wonderful, but it is possible to do some quick gentle stretching and breathwork within the classroom space – sitting or standing room only. As a whole school well-being incentive this would be a great way for every class to experience some mindful movement.

YogaLearn classes could be included though anywhere within the school day – morning assembly to wake up and get ready to learn, during a PE Lesson, lunchtime yoga, energising classes for during an afternoon slump, in an after-school setting, during a healthy week promotion‚Ķ.anywhere that you think it could work for your school – there is plenty of flexibility. Regular practice of course brings about the best results, but there’s plenty of options to suit your school. Some possibilities would be to come in for a whole day, so all classes can be involved. Always happy to come and do a free taster class, so you can see YogaLearn in action!

isn’t it expensive?

I would love yoga to be available to ALL children, regardless of their background and working with schools is one way I hope to do this. Prices start at £20 for an hourly session, but programmes can be tailored to suit your budget and needs, and free taster sessions are always a possibility.

yoga is for everyone!

The non-competitive classes are suitable for all fitness levels, nothing too challenging, and adaptations are always given so nobody feels left out. This way ALL your pupils (and staff!) can enjoy the feeling of some mindful movement and deep breathing, and the calming and transformative ways of a regular yoga practice.

Please contact YogaLearn to discuss how we can help your school achieve whole-school wellbeing.

“Gill has a specialist knowledge of children’s yoga. She combines gentle guidance with a fun, positive energy that engages children of all ages. Our pupils made fantastic progress and had lots of fun along the way. I hope Gill can come back to our school soon”

Middle School Teacher – Frome