yoga and mindfulness training

for children!

fun yoga classes for Preschool children and real yoga for children aged 4-12

Why yoga for children?

Children are natural yogis, born with amazing posture, the ability to breathe deeply and an open and happy attitude to life! Encouraging a yoga practice from an early age ensures that these things are not forgotten.

Yoga allows children to develop awareness of themselves and others, helps promote mental calm and gives them tools to manage their emotions.

  • Body  – develops a strong, flexible and healthy body, increasing balance, body-awareness and coordination.
  • Mind – Relieves tension and stress, increases concentration, focus and attention span
  • Soul – Builds confidence and self-esteem, enhancing team skills and social interaction, and inspiring respect for self and others.

Yoga in schools

YogaLearn provides a whole-school approach to wellbeing for children aged 4 to 12, through age-appropriate programmes of mindful movement and breathing techniques that can be incorporated into the school day. Children will not only increase their physical activity levels but will benefit from improved concentration and increased empathy. YogaLearn’s classes are non-competitive and accessible for all fitness levels.

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Around the age of 3 years old children move with their whole bodies. YogaLearn classes focus on developing spatial and body awareness taught through fun yoga poses, suitable for this crucial developmental age.

Using the natural world as our guide, we will have creative fun and stimulate imagination by pretending to be animals, birds and trees, whilst at same time cleverly strengthening our bodies, and developing our balancing skills. Carers will learn relaxation techniques for them to use with the children and can join in with the gentle yoga poses, feeling the benefits too.

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After school classes SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN AGED 4 TO 7

Real yoga taught so that children can further develop their self-expression, body-awareness and social skills. Exploring real yoga poses, along with some co-operative games, as well as breathing and relaxation exercises to suit this age range.

Classes will always be non-competitive and fun, and students will develop strength, flexibility, concentration and confidence.

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“Gill taught my daughters in a private class this Summer. She has an easy-going and engaging nature, which made the class really enjoyable, as well as relaxing and energising. I’d highly recommend her classes.”

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“When educating the minds of our youth, we must not forget to educate their hearts.”

– Dalai Lama